Why My Blendjet Blinking Purple? Reasons and Solutions

Have you ever found yourself staring at your Blendjet, perplexed as to why it’s blinking a mysterious shade of purple? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. 

Many Blendjet owners have encountered this enigmatic purple light and wondered what it means. 

I will unravel the secrets behind the blinking purple light and shed some light on the possible reasons for its occurrence. 

So, if you’re curious about why your Blendjet blinking purple, read on to learn more!

Why Does My Blendjet Not Working?

One common reason for this issue is a dead battery. Ensure that your Blendjet is adequately charged before using it by connecting it to a power source using the included USB cable.

Another possible explanation for a non-functioning Blendjet could be an overloaded motor. The Blendjet’s powerful engine can sometimes be challenging if it is trying to blend too many frozen or solid ingredients at once. 

To alleviate this problem, try reducing the ingredients in your Blendjet or thawing them slightly before blending. 

Additionally, if you notice any leaks in the blending compartment or difficulty securing the lid properly, these issues can also prevent your Blendjet from working effectively.

Overall, troubleshooting and identifying why your Blendjet isn’t working can be quickly resolved by checking its battery level and following proper usage guidelines

By taking these steps and understanding how to avoid overloading the motor or experiencing sealing problems, you’ll be on your way to enjoying smooth blends with your portable blender again.

Why Does My Blendjet Not Working?
Why Does My Blendjet Not Working?

Why Blendjet Smells like Burning: How to Resolve the Issue?

Potential Causes of a Burning Smell in Your Blendjet

1. Overheating Motor: 

An overheating motor is one of the most common reasons for a burning smell in Blendjets. When the motor works too hard or is continuously used for an extended period, it can generate excessive heat, resulting in a burning odor. 

This can be due to blending harsh ingredients or using the Blendjet for an extended time without allowing it to cool down.

2. Burning Food Residue: 

Another possible cause of a burning smell is food residue in the blender’s blades or other components. When this residue is heated during blending, it can emit a burning odor. 

It’s essential to clean your Blendjet thoroughly after each use to prevent this issue.

3. Friction in the Blades: 

If the blender’s blades are not rotating smoothly, it can create friction and generate heat, leading to a burning smell. 

This can occur if the blades are bent, dull, or clogged with debris. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your Blendjet’s edges can help prevent this problem.

4. Electrical Issues:    

Sometimes, a burning smell can indicate electrical problems within the Blendjet. If the motor or other electrical components are damaged or faulty, they can produce a burning odor. 

In such cases, it is advisable to stop using Blendjet immediately and seek professional assistance.

Why Blendjet Smells like Burning
Why Blendjet Smells like Burning

How to Resolve the Issue

1. Allow Sufficient Cooling Time: 

If you’ve been using your Blendjet for an extended period, give it time to cool down before using it again. 

Overheating can be a common cause of the burning smell, and allowing the motor to rest can prevent further issues.

2. Clean Thoroughly: 

After each use, clean your Blendjet thoroughly. Remove any food residue accumulated in the blades or other parts. Use warm, soapy water and a brush to clean hard-to-reach areas.

3. Check the Blades: 

Regularly inspect the blades for any signs of wear or damage. If they appear bent or dull, consider replacing them. 

Ensure no debris or food is stuck in the blades, which can cause friction and generate heat.

4. Contact Customer Support: 

If the burning smell persists after the above steps, it may signify a more significant issue. 

In such cases, contacting Blendjet’s customer support is best for further guidance and assistance.

Preventing Future Issues

To prevent your Blendjet from emitting a burning smell in the future, follow these tips:

1. Avoid Overworking: 

Blend in short bursts rather than continuously running the motor for an extended period. This will prevent overheating and potential burning smells.

Ensure that you are using ingredients within the recommended blending capacity of your Blendjet. Overfilling the blender can strain the motor and lead to overheating.

3. Regular Maintenance: 

Inspect and clean your Blendjet to prevent food residue buildup and maintain the blades’ integrity.

Why My Blendjet blinking red and purple?

 When your Blendjet flashes red and purple, it indicates that the blender is low on battery and needs to be charged. 

This notification serves as a reminder to recharge your portable blender to continue enjoying its convenience on the go.

While some may find this flashing lights feature annoying, it proves to be helpful. It prevents your Blendjet from unexpectedly dying in the middle of blending and ensures that you remember to charge it before your subsequent use. 

So instead of viewing these blinking lights as an inconvenience, embrace them as a gentle nudge urging you to keep your Blendjet powered up and ready for action.

Why My Blendjet blinking red and purple?
Why My Blendjet blinking red and purple?

How to Fix My BlendJet Blinking Red and Purple?

Step 1: Check the Battery

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your BlendJet has enough battery power. If the battery is low, it can cause the device to blink red and purple. 

Connect your BlendJet to a power source using the USB cable provided and let it charge for at least 30 minutes. After charging, try turning it on again to see if the blinking lights issue persists.

Step 2: Reset Your BlendJet

If charging the battery doesn’t resolve the problem, it’s time to perform a reset. To reset your BlendJet, locate the small reset button on the bottom or side of the device. 

Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds using a pin or paper clip. After the reset, try turning your BlendJet on again and check if the blinking lights are gone.

Step 3: Check for Jammed Blades

Another common reason for the BlendJet to blink red and purple is jammed blades. Over time, food particles can get stuck between the blender blades, causing them not to rotate properly. To fix this issue, follow these steps:

1. Ensure the BlendJet is turned off and disconnected from any power source.

2. Remove the blending cup from the base of the BlendJet.

3. Carefully remove the blades from the blending cup.

4. Clean the blades thoroughly, removing any stuck food particles.

5. Reassemble the blades back into the blending cup, ensuring they are securely in place.

6. Attach the blending cup back onto the base of the BlendJet and try turning it on again.

Step 4: Contact BlendJet Customer Support

If none of the above steps resolve the blinking red and purple lights issue on your BlendJet, it’s time to contact BlendJet customer support. 

They have a team of experts who can provide further assistance and guide you through any additional troubleshooting steps that may be required.

How to Fix My BlendJet
How to Fix My BlendJet

What are some of the common problems on BlendJet?

Let’s discuss some of the most frequently encountered issues with BlendJet: 

BlendJet Not Turning On:

One of the most common issues BlendJet users reported is difficulty turning on the device. If you’re facing this problem, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check if the blender is charged: Ensure your BlendJet is fully charged or has sufficient battery power. Connect it to a power source using the provided USB cable and let it charge for a while.
  • Press and hold the power button: Hold the power button for a few seconds to see if the blender turns on. Sometimes, a simple restart can fix the issue.
  • Contact customer support: If the BlendJet still doesn’t turn on, it’s best to contact the BlendJet customer support team for further assistance.

BlendJet Not Blending Smoothly:

If you’re experiencing issues with blending consistency or the blender getting stuck, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the liquid-to-solid ratio: Ensure you have added enough liquid to facilitate smooth blending. Adding too many frozen ingredients without sufficient liquid can lead to jamming.
  • Cut ingredients into smaller pieces: To avoid jamming, try cutting your fruits and vegetables into smaller chunks before blending.
  • Shake the BlendJet: While blending, occasionally shake the blender to help the ingredients move around and prevent them from getting stuck.
  • Blend in shorter intervals: Blend for short bursts rather than continuous blending to prevent overheating and maintain smooth blending.

Leakage Issues:

Some BlendJet users have reported leakage problems during the blending process. Here’s what you can do to address this issue:

  • Check the seal and lid: Ensure the rubber seal is properly in place, and the lid is tightly secured before blending. Any gaps or loose parts can cause leaks.
  • Avoid overfilling: Do not exceed the maximum fill line indicated on the blender. Overfilling can lead to spillage during blending.
  • Blend at a slower speed: If you’re experiencing leaks, try blending at a slower speed to reduce the pressure inside the blender and minimize the chances of leakage.

Blendjet Instructions For Usage

BlendJet Usage Instructions:

  • Charge: Before use, ensure your BlendJet is fully charged using the provided USB cable.
  • Fill Ingredients: Add your desired ingredients into the blender cup, keeping liquids within the designated fill line.
  • Assemble: Attach the blender blade assembly securely to the cup.
  • Invert & Blend: Turn the blender upside down, press the power button twice, and shake gently to start blending.
  • Adjust & Stop: Tilt the blender to control blending consistency. Press the power button once to stop blending.
  • Clean: Detach the blade assembly and clean with warm water and mild detergent. Do not immerse the base in water.
  • Enjoy: Screw on the lid, and your blended creation is ready to enjoy on the go!

    Note: Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions and safety guidelines.

How do I clean my BlendJet Blender?

Always remember to unplug the blender before cleaning. Begin by separating the parts – the cup, lid, and blade assembly – and rinse them with warm water. 

For stubborn residue or odor, gentle dish soap and a soft sponge or brush can be used.

To clean the inside of the BlendJet Blender itself fill it halfway with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Then secure the lid tightly and blend for about 30 seconds. 

This will help remove any leftover debris from previous blends. Once blended, empty the soapy water and rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

Remember that the BlendJet Blender’s USB charging port should never come into contact with the liquid during cleaning. Then clean it with dry cloth after removing blendjet charger.

To prevent this from happening accidentally, permanently close the rubber charging port cover before rinsing or cleaning any other part of the blender.

How long does blendjet take to charge?

The charging time for a BlendJet portable blender typically takes around 2 to 4 hours, depending on the specific model and battery capacity.

It’s advisable to refer to the user manual or product specifications for your BlendJet blender to get accurate information about the charging time for your specific device.


How do I charge my Blendjet?

Connect the provided USB cable to a power source and the Blendjet’s charging port. The blinking light will turn solid when fully charged.

Can I use my Blendjet while it’s charging?

Yes, you can use your Blendjet while charging, but it’s recommended to let it charge fully for better performance.

What if my Blendjet still blinks purple after charging?

Check if the USB cable and charging port are functioning correctly. If the issue persists, contact customer support for assistance.

How long does it take to charge the Blendjet fully?

On average, it takes around 2 to 3 hours for the Blendjet to charge from an empty battery fully.

Final Verdict: Why My Blendjet Blinking Purple?

If your Blendjet is blinking purple, it likely indicates that the battery is low and needs to be charged. 

Connecting your Blendjet to a power source with the provided USB cable can quickly resolve this common issue. 

Suppose the blinking purple light persists even after charging. In that case, there may be an issue with the battery or internal circuitry, and it is recommended to contact customer support for further assistance. 

Remember to always refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips and guidelines. By taking proper care of your Blendjet and addressing any issues promptly, you can continue enjoying the convenience and functionality of this portable blender. Stay charged up and blend on!

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